Bankplus mobile banking


Most people having a Viettel telephone number are the target users of Bankplus.

Business Needs & Target

Viettel is the biggest telco in Vietnam, which has hundreds software products and over 30 millions customers. The company needs to  create one mobile app downloaded from app stores or through USSD (typing *123#). The users can register online, then add credit card or bank account information or even cash (by way of Viettel stores) into it. After that, they will use it to pay their bills, transfer money or buy thousands of products and services.

The UX Approach

When I started joining this project, Bankplus is present for 3 years. With development team, we define the personas and major user scenarios. We apply surveys and interview meetings to target users.

We research many alternative products of competitors in domestic or international market, for example, Paypal, Apple Pay, Momo, Mondo, Money Lover.. Then, we sum up a list about functions   and  best practice. We work with other teams (marketing, PR, business departments..) to decide exactly which is key function and strength of Bankplus and how to bring it to the end-users.

After that, we use the standard UX process to design this mobile app. With Google Material Design language and some innovation,   we make it suit to new, big and large information containing devices (thin icons, fonts and new trending UI controls..).

Results & Benefits

There are millions of users downloaded and used this mobile app to transfer money, pay bills and buy online services and products. We are still improving it everyday, better and better.

My own lesson

Before I join, this app was designed by a graphic designer and its change based on personal ideas of product managers. I have changed the UX quality by putting the end-user’s thinking to the center on every activities and applying standard UX design processes. Thereby, the end-users receive the best experience from our development and improvement.

Written by Pham Khoi
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