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The target users will use this mobile app as a new and smart social network in Vietnam. They can follow their friends, make new friends and share photos, videos, products and information as well as chat, call audio or video. They also scan QR to check information about protected products which be bought and sold on the online market from Live.

Business Needs

My customer is a startup company, which has dominances about technology and social network. They want to make a top social network in Vietnam, which focus on protected products and e-commercial on mobile.

The UX Approach

There are many social network mobile apps in Vietnam and the world. Most Vietnamese installed 3-5 apps on their mobile and using them everyday. Being one of top social network in Vietnam is a challenge.

I surveyed 20+ target users and detected some “not satisfied” points of competitors in Vietnam, such as Messenger, Zalo, Viber, What’s App.. Then made a list of success keys and focused all design for them.  I also applied up-to-date designing style with thin fonts  and icons, black and white concepts to highlight beautiful photos and contents.

Written by Pham Khoi
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