Mobio – Voucher & Foodtraffic tracking


The target users are Vietnamese young people, who have more than 10 member cards. They also want to know about promotion events, vouchers and become a loyal customer to save money by accumulative points.

Business Needs

Pingcom is a big startup company in Vietnam, it has more than 10 softwares. Mobio is one of its key product, which is developed to help users save many things:

  • Wallet space: convert physical loyalty cards into digital ones
  • Money: Get accumulative points for each check-in action, and users can convert points into gifts, vouchers or percentages promotion.
  • Time: Get information about flavorist shops, based on location, time and last actions.

The UX Approach

The Mobio’s managers have very good visions and ideas. But they have not been clear about method roadmap to convert this complex ideas into specific actions. I did many interviews related parties to collect their requirements and desires. Accordingly, I created a list of user stories, scenarios and customer journey map. I converted them into a function list, navigation model and applied UX design process to make output. I tried to minimize number of steps on user scenarios and put them all on the homepage to tell story.

See on Mavel App:

Written by Pham Khoi
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